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Namaste! Salaam! Khushamadeed! May 18, 2010

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My first post.  I’m actually doing something I thought i’d never do and i’m still a little scared to start.

Let go.  That is the first thing I learned from yoga.  So here I am letting go of another fear. People reading my thoughts and ideas without me being able to see their expression!

In a few weeks I’ll be traveling to Mexico to start a new chapter in my journey since I found yoga.  Yet I wanted to start this blog by paying tribute to my city, my blog name, and the way in which Karachi made me into a yogini:)

I’ve lived many lives.  I’ve felt that for as long as I can remember.  And there is something about this life, being from Karachi, that makes everything so much more interesting.

I left home for 10 years, knowing in my heart i’d be back one day, but always trying to control and plan it in a way that would make sense.  I had a husband, a mortgage, a job, benefits, a whole life in another universe but I could never escape the ties I felt to the only place I felt at home: Karachi.

Karachi came back to me in the most unexpected of ways and in a tormented year of pain and unanswered questions.  I was scared.  So scared that I couldn’t think anything but how do I turn back time.

But this city just turned me inside out once again.  It amazed me with its madness, it introduced me to its quirkiness, and I fell in love.  Yet, falling in love again with Karachi only happened because of an incredible gift from God: yoga.

I couldn’t start a blog without giving this city the credit it deserves.  For being my friend. For being more than a place where I live but a place where I find the mysteries of life unravel just to ravel up again once more.

This city has only given me

I breathe in its massiveness
I swim in its crowded corners
I laugh in its neverending breeze

This city of my dreams
of my constant interrogation of life
of the quietness between heartbeats
and the cacophany of my mind

peace within and without where
This city leads me
to a God unknown
living in each space of reality

I trudge, trip and fall
Loving all my wounds
This city embraces me.


3 Responses to “Namaste! Salaam! Khushamadeed!”

  1. nadia Says:

    so proud of you and how far you’ve come. you’re an inspiration to us all.

  2. farzana Says:

    this is absolutely wonderful! what a cathartic journey you must’ve had…i look forward to more of your writing, your poetry. i fell in love with yoga in chicago many years ago, but have a conflicted relationship with my first childhood city – peshawar…so…let’s see what happens – thank you for inviting me on this journey…

  3. Nisrine Says:

    Amazing post

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