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Cleansing your Chakras May 20, 2010

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So what is a chakra?  All my life I had thought in terms of energy and I thought I was crazy so I kept it to myself.  Then one day last year I got my first introduction to this whole amazing way of looking at our body, our soul, and our mind.

Suddenly I had a vocabulary to go with my feelings!  Thanks to my cousin who got me an Iphone application called the Chakra deck and again to my guinea pig first students I started this journey of working through yoga to cleanse our chakras.

A chakra, very simply, is a wheel of energy . They begin from  the base of our spine and move on to the top of our head.  Most agree that there are 7 major chakras, which are now my most intimate friends. I know their colors, their sounds, their fears, and strengths.  I also know through the Anatomy of the Spirit, what lessons we need to learn from them. The goal is to have balance within and between our chakras.  Over time some become severely blocked, while others expand.  With our chakras out of balance we can’t really feel healthy, happy and alive and our ability to make decisions that are positive for us and those around us is greatly affected.

So today my lovely friend, L, came to my yoga class.  I think I’m due for my monthly period so my body was exhausted and negative emotions and thoughts were clouding over since the morning.  I was really not feeling up to teaching a class but in walked L and it seemed like it may be just the 2 of us today.  So she had been wanting to do a chakra cleanse and I hadn’t done a class like that in a long long while so I thought why not?

Another one of my advanced students walked in 10 minutes late.  So we got into the flow.  First going through 5 Surya Namaskar A’s then 3 B’s with a few balance poses we got all nice and sweaty.

Coming to the floor we started with the base of our spine the root chakra:

color – red.  feeling safe, grounded, and secure.

body rolls in a seated position, starting from our left side, imagine the red energy from the earth flowing into your body.  let go of all of your fears about your physical safety.  fears about money and the future.  accept everyone in your life just as they are.

(remember to take 2-3 breathes between each exercise either in comfortable seated position or child’s pose just observing how you feel and how that particular chakra feels)

sacral chakra:

color – orange.  feeling positive about our sexuality and creativity.

camel pose.  visualize the chakra 4 inches above the base of your spine.  let go of any negative feelings you have towards others and negative feelings about relationships.  let go of any shame.  honor everyone in your life.

navel chakra:

color – yellow.  our self-esteem, personality, our personal power and also where our core strength lies

boat pose.  feel like the sun lives in your stomach.  feel its rays flow through your body.  let go of any negative thoughts you have about yourself.  any insecurities replace them with positive thoughts, love and kindness.  be gentle with yourself.  feel that powerful energy move through you.  Honor yourself so you can learn to love.

heart chakra:

color – green.  love, forgiveness, selflessness, compassion

twist (while lying down is my favorite way).  feel your heart centre open up.  let the energy flow through to your finger tips.  imagine the colors of leaves and grass moving through your body.  let go of anyone or anything that has hurt you in the past.  send love to all the difficult things you have in life.  love is the only divine emotion we feel.

throat chakra:

color – blue. truth, honesty, communication, willpower

shoulder stand, the queen of all yoga poses.  focus your energy on your throat centre.  let go of anything you said or someone said to you that hurt you.  submit your will to the will of the universe.  let it be your source of faith.  feel your body balance.

third eye chakra:

color – indigo. intuition, instinct, knowing the unknown.

kneeling yoga mudra.  press your forehead into the mat.  feel the energy between your eyebrows.  trust yourself, your inner voice. always seek the truth.

crown chakra:

color – purple or white.  connection to the divine, spirituality, highest source of energy.

headstand.  the king of all yoga poses. feel all the energy collecting at the top of your head.  let go of any negative thoughts about religion, about faith, any anger towards God or the divine.  live in the present moment. feel bliss as soon as you connect to this centre.

aura: mix of all your beautiful colors.

there is an energy field around us that extends few feet beyond our bodies.  the best way for me to describe what an aura is how you feel when someone walks into a room.  a person who may have a large positive aura will make you feel good as soon as you meet them.  and a person who has a small constricted aura with dark areas will make you feel like, hmmm there’s something I don’t like about this person.  In fact auras are how we connect with others.  Its how we communicate who we are at an energetic level, and we all have the ability to read auras.  It is part of our instinctive behaviors.  And this instinct protects us.

So cleaning our chakras leads to an overall cleanse of our aura.  making it brighter, lighter, and depending on how you feel it may even feel like you are expanding your aura.

Aura Cleanse

I love this exercise where you sit down comfortably, stretch your arms to the side, lifting your arms to meet over your head and then bring them back down to the ground.  Repeat this for at least a minute and you start feeling this energy build up in your chest, shoulders and back.  Imagine this energy like electricity moving from out of your fingertips and energizing your aura.  when you’re done interlace your fingers and stretch them above your head.  then bring your hands down.  interlace your fingers behind your back and fold forward.

Now its time for Shavasana (Corpse’s Pose)! Lying down just relax your body and mind.  Revisit the chakra (s) that you felt low energy in  – send your breathe there to energize them and ask for help to balance and heal them. Spend at least 7 minutes just absorbing what your body and mind has done.

Waking yourself up gently come to a seated prayer position – thank yourself for your practice and believe in your power to heal yourself.  Slowly open your eyes.

Because this routine works at a deep level to cleanse your energy it may bring things out such as difficult memories, so make sure you are kind to yourself.  It’s a process so whatever is coming up is totally ok, in a way I think it is our way of letting go of whatever we were holding on to in the various chakras. Anytime it gets too overwhelming remember things change every moment – so this too will pass.

Love & Peace!


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