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Feeling hot hot hot! June 1, 2010

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So I called up Bikram Yoga Studio in Soho this morning to find out how to get there from my friends place – and apparently the receptionist had no idea!  So I left in a bit of a panic until reaching the tube when I remembered I’m in England and I can use my iphone google map to get me anywhere I need to:)  

I reached about 10 min before class started and hurried through the registration form.  I had tried to wear what was most appropriate in my suitcase (and since I had packed for Jamaica weather) for this famous “hot” yoga (rooms are heated up to 105 F/41 C) I imagined  I was going to sweat until I melted into the yoga mat.   Reading the information brochure, “the most exciting, hard-working and effective yoga class in the world…” I was ready for the adventure of my life! 

The room was hot, like a dry sauna, and we started with these breathing exercises.  We did 2 sets of everything and the class was 90 minutes long.  And I kept on waiting to really sweat.  To sweat more then I have ever before, to want to faint, to get really dizzy, out of breath, and the room to get hotter and hotter as we went through the sequence of postures.  

But alas, and much to my surprise, none of that happened.  I didn’t get drenched, my clothes were wet, and I was sweaty but not even close to how much I sweat in Karachi while doing yoga.  And I missed my sun salutations.  The class finished very strangely.  While we were lying down in Shavasan, the teacher said  Namaste and the students while lying down said Namaste back to her. Weird. I think the hardest part of the class for me was to decipher the teachers British accent while she spoke a mile a minute.  Most of the class it felt like she was reading a pre planned script moving us from one posture to the next.  

I finished class surprisingly without any of the drama I had anticipated in my first hot yoga class.   But when I entered the changing room I got a little dose of it!  Walking into the shower area suddenly I see 5 naked women showering.  I immediately turned around…realizing that there were no doors in this shower room and since there was no way I couldn’t shower after this class I had to just let go of my weirdness, shyness, and awkwardness and go for it!  

Bikram yoga, or as it says in the brochure “kick ass yoga” – so far – after effects amazing – during the class – a little bored and not so challenged!  Have to say AQ Power yoga in Karachi kicks my ass a lot more 😉  

Til the next yogini challenge ! 



One Response to “Feeling hot hot hot!”

  1. Mohammed Cohen Says:

    There’s nothing on planet earth like Bikram’s hot yoga. What a thrill after the drill!!!

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