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Rachel, Faust & the Scorpion June 4, 2010

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Wednesday morning equipped with my ever so handy Iphone map I make it to Innergy Yoga Studio.  I met Rachel, a yoga teacher, at Ulpotha, Sri Lanka, a dream vacation that at times I feel like couldn’t have happened to me but it did!  She is the most incredible teacher.  Her voice is like a soothing sigh and the way she runs her class is just something else!  2 weeks she taught us two classes a day and she instilled an amazing sense of confidence in me about my capacity to practice yoga.  

I knew that I would have to see her when I came to London and she was gracious enough to spend so much time with me.  After her morning class we went for lunch and then chatted.  She introduced me to her teacher, Faust, an Italian older man who I thought must be about 58-60.  At lunch I find out he’s 75 years old and still going strong.  Yoga is the key to youth I’m telling all of you right now!

So I leave Rachel, head over to Soho to make an appointment for my tattoo and then go all the way back to Innergy for an evening class with Faust.  I was so excited about this class – 2 hours long and it lived up to my expectations and MORE. 

Faust made us do this amazing energetic yoga that totally opened up the spine, worked our core strength, and challenged us to go into poses that I usually only dream of.  There were moments in that class that I was transported out of my body and into another space – something I can’t really describe in words – and my favorite part was after doing something incredibly challenging he would tell us to just drop into shavasan (corpse’s pose) and just let go, forget everything you’ve just done!

It was amazing.  I flipped twice out of the headstand and then up into wheel – a prep for the scorpion – and it hurt my wrist for a moment but I learned so much about my body in such quick moments.  

These yoga adventures in a city as energetic in London is so unexpected – finding a corner where yogis and yoginis practice with such devotion, focus, and strength I was elevated to a whole other level…breathing moving…feeling and absorbing…and keeping up…I wish I could go to 10 more of his classes or even 100 more!

Tomorrow I go to Jiva Mukti London Centre with Rachel…more yoga related adventures to come:)


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