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Following the Iyengar Way… June 9, 2010

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So it has been a few days since I wrote here.  I’m still traveling and yoga hasn’t stop either, but yoga that inspired me to write was not happening until 2 pm today when I went for an Open class at Jivamukti NYC.  This place was something else.  Like all studios it seems here they are in tall buildings…I walked into a place where I immediately felt positive energy. Something I realized that had been missing at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in NYC.   I wouldn’t say it was negative energy but a sort of stale energy and also seemed to lack diversity.

After attending 2 classes following the Iyengar way, I was sadly disappointed (though the studio is quite beautiful).   I felt too much of a deliberation in the teachers of the Iyengar method.  For me Iyengar’s spirit was missing from the teaching style. Iyengar’s spirit is heavy and light.  It is awareness and relaxation.  And in these classes I felt stressed!  Is my toe in the right direction, is my inner thigh pulling to the knee, is my hair standing straight!?!?!? hahahah i just felt like I couldn’t focus on any pose because I was trying so hard to listen to all the details.  What I wanted to say was that over time you realize yourself those minute little adjustments to make.  And somehow I felt cheated by the experience. I had expected the Iyengar way to be something that I would love more than any other style but I guess its because I expected something I was disappointed.

Today’s class at Jivamukti though started off with just the right intention…the instructor says forget anything you expected to do or get from this class.  Wow. Note to self: I need to start saying that!  The class went on for almost 90 minutes straight before Shavasan and it felt like a Jivamukti Ashtanga special!  To begin he made us chant Om three times, then chant one of the Yoga Sutras in Sanskrit.  Then we started our Surya Namaskars nice and easy until we got to every crazy inversion pose without any wall support – and though almost no one could do them (including me ofcourse) we still kept on trying!  I had experienced a morning class where they painstakingly go over each part of your body and how to make it “perfect”, to a class where its ok to just try, take a risk, was so amazing.  I immediately felt how much more this style of yoga suits me and what I  need.

Returning home, I spent the evening in a NYC apartment with my sister in law in a small sauna room that is in the bedroom. Why and how there is a sauna in a room are questions I have no answers for, but I can say that its actually a pretty good idea:)

Mexico is close…hope the inspiration continues on…


2 Responses to “Following the Iyengar Way…”

  1. Naz -Toronto Says:

    i like reading this 🙂

  2. Shazim Says:

    Just thinking about you hoping tofindan update about the Mexico leg of your journey.

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