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and now its like this… July 26, 2010

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its funny when one really tries to live the lesson that things are always changing – and suddenly now in a week – without the constant I’ve had for over a year (yoga everyday)- I feel a little lost.  my body seems to adjust easily to not doing yoga as i’m sure it will adjust to when I start again.

there is that emptiness that i’m always struggling to fill. and sometimes I don’t know if I can truly listen to my heart in the din that I call my life.  when i’m away it feels easy to connect – and if i stay on track – to the minute it seems like a military schedule – then i’m afforded those few moments of clarity or heart centred awareness – but a week of veering away from my path brings me back to the most familiar territory of insecurity and restlessness.

I slip away in moments to touch and sing to the plants growing and changing in my garden everyday, while my baby nephew holds my hand and tries to mimic me.  the birds eye view of these beautiful moments do not escape me and I feel calm so the questions cease to take over my mind.  Then I’m in my room praying to God to help me stay on my path. Life and all in it seems so surreal sometimes and I try to catch myself so I don’t disassociate from my emotions and instead stay present in them…but i’m sure you all know its much easier said than done…

Just remembering every moment…that now things are like this.


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