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life is beauty August 3, 2010

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and beauty is life

every moment awaits a secret

a treasure for you

to explore…

I started my yoga practice today outside in the garden, that is being redone, so it is mainly mud.  I flowed through 5 Sun Salutations A & B and then did the Yandara Morning Flow…after practicing breathing in my arm balances I moved into the king pigeon.  The king pigeon – I remember last year sitting in yoga class watching another student gracefully enter into it and wondered if I could ever get my toe to my head.

a week ago practicing in the evening in my room I was in my regular pigeon and thought why not just try it – and before i knew it, somehow i found myself in it – and I realized that I had stopped breathing I was so exhilarated with the moment.

and then i get to my favorite part of my yoga practice – inversions…challenging myself into the headstand with both legs moving up at the same time – its amazing how our bodies can learn and move, remember the smallest detail of instruction which makes all the difference.  That’s what a teacher like Alison from Yandara gifted me with.  I can hear her calm voice giving the simplest extra information that suddenly makes the most difficult pose seem accessible…

yet there is always a struggle in personal practice – the forearm stand and I are at odds these days.  I feel so uncomfortable in it and yet I can imagine it in my head.  I can feel myself get caught up in the destination and forget the journey of creating the space and the strength needed to move into it.  So i let go – and spring into the handstand – really a pose that even when you catch it for a second it creates such a feeling of lightness while this taste of fear of falling remains.

the cloudy sky moved with stillness and as time continued to slip by I felt ready to rest in Shavasana (dead pose).  The flies began their earnest interest in now my sticky, sweaty and muddy skin…I put my left hand on my heart and my right hand began its journey of the chakras.

Self-reiki is the first step in cultivating energy and being able to heal ourselves is the most important if we ever hope to heal others.

Root – thanking Mother Earth, Gaia for providing me with all this beauty and bounty, this earth and its abundance

Sacral – thanking all the people who I have and have had relationships with, for all the lessons they have taught me and continue to teach me

Naval – the place where everything seems to happen – our stomach, intestine, our liver, constantly working to digest, detox and cleanse our organs and our blood so that we can feel good, feel healthy and alive.  thanking them for their beautiful work and apologizing for the junk sometimes i give them to process.  Asking for God’s blessing in healing them.

Heart – sigh – just a pure empty yet expansive feeling of love – “i forgive and accept myself and others unconditionally.  where i am in this moment is perfect and whole”

Throat – allowing myself to speak the truth – accepting my feelings and thoughts and expressing them with kindness.  Asking God to speak through me

Third Eye – thank you intuition for being there for me, helping me make decisions in the moment

Crown – my connection to God – feeling his presence fill me up – and then seeing a white light allowing it to spread all over my body

I move my right hand to each chakra as I tell myself those thoughts – and you can tell yourself anything you feel you need to hear – listen to your heart and it begins to give you direction of what you need.  Then at the end I take both hands and move them around my body sending it the energy created from the chakra activation and cleansing.

When i rise to sit, i put on a song by Jaya that I have on my iphone – Tate gate, gate, paragate, para somgate, bodhi svaha – the heart sutra – that has a number of translations but the meaning is difficult to articulate –

Gone, gone, gone beyond altogether beyond, Awakening, fulfilled!

the flies are starting to distract me now…and the moment changes and I feel like going back inside.  opening my eyes to the green plants around me, the sounds of the birds living in the trees, I sigh let go and gently get up…until next time, IA.


7 Responses to “life is beauty”

  1. Faraz Says:

    It’s amazing and scary to read your blog. It is intense and mature.

  2. anjplanetyoga Says:

    Hi, there. You are right to challenge yourself during the headstand pose. We have a great free yoga video on headstand pose. It was made by Leeann Carey, my boss & an inspiring yoga teacher. I thought your readers would benefit from taking a look at this: http://planetyoga.com/yoga-blogs/index.php/free-yoga-video-headstand-pose/

  3. Nisrine Says:

    Your writing brought me some goosbumps, as you were describing the skies, and your feelings as you get in the poses.
    Explaining the chakras as you moved into them also so inspiring.
    Is this you in the Forearm stand?
    I am so inspired!
    Thank you for this Blog!

  4. omalone1 Says:

    these poses are very impressive. I werent aware of the King Pigeon pose especially as I struggle with the basic pigeon stretch

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