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Some more Kabir:) September 7, 2010

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Yes, now that i’m half way through his second book I feel like we can be on a first name basis.

But just to make sure credit goes where it should – Kabir Helminski, from The Knowing Heart pg 110

“The compulsive self is like ice – hard, separate, and alone. The balanced self is more like water, fluid, able to merge with others and flow, able to dissolve and even purify the negativity of life.  The higher states are more like the molecular state of a fragrance – very subtle, penetrating, not nearly as limited in space or time. We can visualize the self as something that can become even more subtle, refined, spacious, penetrating.  The more we spiritualize our animal qualities and bring them into service, the more we tame “the beast” with love, the more we attain wholeness, and the more that natural self can be the instrument of real values, which are transpersonal or spiritual in nature.”

For a while I’ve believed that nothing is an accident. no conversation, no meeting, no moment we experience is just random. Today again after not reading this book for a few days when I do read it this exact section helps me let go of my ego in a difficult moment.  A student in my class particularly gets under my skin.  This is ofcourse completely natural I know as a teacher but that realization doesn’t really help me.  What helps me is to breathe patience, understand that the student irritates me because I see something of myself reflected in her that i don’t like.  I remember Alison said that when it comes to implementing mindfulness in our day to day life the first place to start is to understand what we like and what we dislike.  This is how the self is attached to so many ideas and every time we transform we re attach ourselves to certain qualities and attributes…but it is that attachment that again becomes the obstacle to dissolving the ice into water…so I tried to push my reaction aside, and respond instead.  The student came up to me later and I felt the friction in our energies, building week to week, and I realized I wanted something from her and that’s why she has power over me.  In that moment I let go of wanting her to be any way except how she is.

Let’s see how next week goes!


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