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my two hearts October 29, 2010

i sat today in peace, after only a day of not meditating, i felt immense gratitude for dragging my lazy body out of bed this morning to do what now it is accustomed and loves to do.

a poem inspired by today’s quiet:

there are 2 hearts within me,

a mother and a child

mother is like

a deep blue sea

an infinite horizon

the last few minutes of the sunset

the blanket of stars

the full moon beam

wise eyes

a warm smile


arms that hold peace

the child is like

a brave soldier with a tender heart

bold and timid

strong and gentle

adventurous and afraid



and full of innocent love

these two hearts within my heart play together.  sometimes mother holds the childs hand, walking it to the threshold of its fear, while other times the child strokes the mother’s hair, reminding her of the purity of the present moment. in the chakra system the heart is the middle stop in our energy path to the divine.  it is the first chakra where we begin to experience the spiritual and its colors are twofold.  Green and pink.  there are days where I meditate and I can feel the opening of this green web of love, uncovering this beautiful pink that feels so lovely, yet so vulnerable.  it is hard to bring myself here sometimes, but today when a memory arose of me walking out of the subway to my house in Toronto, and when with that memory came the baggage of my past, I decided to stay with it and showered that street corner with beautiful pink rose petals. my mother held my hand, as the child in me timidly began to accept that feeling bittersweet pain in my heart is ok, and part of the process of opening, blooming, and loving myself.

“and all i ask of you, is forever to remember me as loving you”


2 Responses to “my two hearts”

  1. Mary Says:

    I am working towards my spiritual self through bead making.
    Although I am self taught, I hope to be better able to help my son
    who has Autism with more therapies that have proven to be rather expensive. I am learning through several different websites and I have found yours to be very helpful.
    Thank you so much!
    Mary B.

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