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summer breath… May 7, 2011

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lazy days.  summer days.  there have been so many in my karachi world.  there is something undeniably exciting about may.  always it seems like something special is about to happen.  despite the sticky humid heat, that I love to complain about, a sense of anticipation builds for the summer.  all the stories, all the plans.  never knowing what will happen next.

summers at one point were filled with late night movie marathons, cooped up in a room with brothers cousins running their silly errands, breezy badminton, stuffy table tennis, epic trivial pursuit games, hours at the movie store, and pepsis lining the room’s circumference.

fast forward 10 years and enter the teen years of planned summer breaks, summer crushes and flings, and the boredom of space!  sleeping through the day, waiting for the day it all starts again, fresh new year where we all get to be together 8 hours a day at school.

then the summers that i wished never ended that i wish i could have captured in a poem so i could read it now and experience the feeling again of my moments of inconsequence.  of my madness.  of constant indescribable story telling.  of fearless freedom.

and now i enter a new turn, a new way to interpret and understand.  summer as sacred, seasons as meaningful passages of change that are universal, natural.  and nothing is boring anymore even the sticky summer days where i am blessed with so much time.  writing, drawing, breathing, all seems like one long delicious day.

i’ve stopped making sense, i know i am in the summer of my dreams.  be it in karachi, india or somewhere else in the world.  it is the summer of my dreams because finally i’m living one sweet sacred breathe at a time.

god bless and grace us with those breathes that so simply quietly, transform and change our lives.

taken by golshan abdmoulaie friend and photographer!


2 Responses to “summer breath…”

  1. noreen Says:

    i can so relate to this. this piece of writing left a very contend and satisfied feeling on me. and summer as sacred, as meaningful passages of change that are universal, natural and nothing is boring anymore. writing, drawing, breathing, it all seems like one long delicious day. this is such a familiar feeling. happy summers miss, you are missed 🙂

    • yogini786 Says:

      miss you too noreen…funny you commented on this one because sometimes you really remind me of myself when I was your age:) just that you’re a smarter, better dressed version of me!

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