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blue jean baby September 12, 2011

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the blues

baby blue

baby i’m blue

blue in my eyes

as i look up to the sky

blue chakra in my throat

as i try to open up

what is blue?  colors are incredible.  when I was young I stubbornly stayed away from pink and preferred blue, the chosen color for boys, which is what I thought I was until the sudden shock of puberty descended upon me.

Then there was my favorite perfume at one point, called Blue jeans, and of course that most of my life after turning 13 i’ve spent interchanging blue jeans of all styles:  high waist-ed, strangely skinny, to really baggy, so tight that I can’t breathe (that was university), sexy ones with boots on top, in all shades of washed blue.

the blue on baby’s backs when they are born until they are toddlers.

blue eyed friends

blue-blooded friends!

black and blue from all the slipping and sliding on icy roads in montreal.

blue mascara

wanting blue emo hair

blue painted on my walls in 3rd year university

deep blue sea. – snatam kaur

so i will be experiencing i hope a whole different kind of blue, the reflection of the sky in the water, as I go explore the world living under the Arabian sea in my soon to happen scuba lessons.

why blue? shriya and I continue our second month of word/theme game.  she chose blue. I’m curious to know what she’ll write.  I’m just happy she reminded me of all the ways blue brings meaning into me.

Don’t stay stuck in blue, paint your blues, swirl them around, love them, talk to them, listen to them and become friends with them.  life is not black white or grey! its all shades of all colors moving and pulsing in all kinds of shapes and vibrations.

Loving your post Shri!! Thanks and sending you some of your favorite kind of blue to brighten up your day.

Thought Sketches – \”Blue\” – Shriya Malhotra


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