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Al-Ghaffar- the.forgiver.the.absolver October 15, 2011

pg 39-40 from the Sufi Book of Life. – Neil Douglas-Klotz

“What, then, is the solution to the pain we feel from our relationships with others? the twentieth-century Sufi Inayat Khan had two answers: First, there is no solution. Second, develop your heart, which means to the Sufi not merely the emotions, but a combination of feeling and intelligence that can illuminate life more clearly.”

“the heart sleeps until it is awakened to life by a blow. It is as a rock, and the hidden fire flashes out when struck by another rock.”

“You can have all good things — wealth, friends, kindness, love to give and love to receive — once you have learned not to be blinded by them; learned to escape from disappointment and from repugnance at the idea that things are not as you want them to be.”

“The quality of forgiveness that burns up all things except beauty is the quality of love.”


The thought occurred to me a few days a go, that loss is inevitable in life, but love is in fact never lost.  the conditions under which love can thrive may disappear, or the person who sparked that feeling in you may be separated from you, but the love flowing in the river where you soaked your feet continues to flow, despite loss, change and impermanence.  and when I read Sufi Inayat Khans simple claim today, that, no there is no solution to the pain that relationships bring us, it made me smile.  Smile because it’s true I’ve found no solution yet, and sometimes I want to find it so badly in the form of another person, or in a feeling that I crave, or the things I think need to change about me or another person so that the relationship will stop being a source of pain!  yet, if there is no solution, but just processing, experiencing, then all relationships will bring with them pain and love.  and the more intense the pain, reminds me the depth from which I must love that person (and how deeply I am loved as well), and how lucky I am that my heart was (can be) that open, be it in the past, present or again one day in the future.


2 Responses to “Al-Ghaffar- the.forgiver.the.absolver”

  1. sabeen.thaver@gmail.com Says:

    I feel this is exactly what I needed to read today… thank you!

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