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go slow. be here. November 1, 2011

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I have had a lot happening in my life for months now.

And tomorrow I go for one of my best friend’s wedding in Dubai.  Nadia is one of the happiest people I know.  So fun. Just thinking about seeing her smile tomorrow at the airport makes me relax.  I always think ahead like all of us, and months a go I was thinking, God I’ll have to take a week out go to a wedding, it’ll be so tiring.

But now the week is here and wow, the timing couldnt’ be better.  I’ve been so tired. My body barely wants to move from bed in the morning.  The back of my heart and my lower back are done.  Over done.

I give myself all that I can.  Yet somehow I still get lost, I lose attention and feel overwhelmed.  Too much happening all the time.  I blame it on Karachi, the city that never sleeps.  I blame myself, the person who gets along with everyone.  I blame everyone else, all who I at times feel want a piece of me.  And when I start to get caught up in my mind like that I know there is only thing left to do.

Let it happen.  Let it go. Be here.

When I’m doing too much I always feel like i’m flailing and failing.  When I’m crying I always feel like i’m emptying and dying.  When i’m singing I always feel like I’m awakening and loving.  But when I’m being I feel nothing except the simple awareness that is watching life’s drama play out.  unfold and fold in layers around me.

To a week of rest & relaxation.  To no agenda and to no trying.  And nothing can help you better in times like this than a friend who loves you just as you are, no effort involved.


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