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you can November 10, 2011

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breathe through anything.

when things are busy. when they are quiet. when you are moving. when you are still. when you stop and start. when you are worried. when you’re crying. scared. or angry. when you’re irritated or disappointed. frustrated and sad.

when you’re joyous and excited. when you’re flying. when you’re singing or dancing. when you’re listening and watching.

I remember my breathe now more and more. especially when i notice i’m not present in my body. Then I turn my attention to feel my breathe as it moves through my body.  my old defenses of arguing melt away. breathe through my stubborn-ness.  my need to be right. my pride obsessed and pride filled ego.

you can breathe, i can breathe, through all states. we can’t change our state with our breath. but we can accept whatever is coming up in that moment.

deep.inhale + exhale.sigh.


One Response to “you can”

  1. sabika khan Says:

    felt better after breathing deeply.

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