Karachi Yogini

Yoga for Life!

what’s the rush? February 24, 2012

“You are not just a meaningless fragment in an alien universe, briefly suspended between life and death, allowed a few short-lived pleasures followed by pain and ultimate annihilation. Underneath your outer form, you are connected with something so vast, so immeasurable and sacred, that it cannot be spoken of – yet I am speaking of it now. I am speaking of it now not to give you something to believe in but to show you how you can know it for yourself.” – Eckhart Tolle

When I sat today in meditation, I kept on thinking, swirling around in a swarm of thoughts about my work, my students, my life.

what’s new?

nothing in fact.  my mind continues to unravel its patterns everyday.  and everyday I remind myself. go into your heart aisha, go into your body.


What’s the rush? What and where am I trying to get to so fast?  Why should it be fast? Why would I be given an easy ticket to enlightenment and peace when I know that without this process, of being laundered and dried out of my deepest grooves, my soul will never find freedom.

Today’s message from my Sufi book of life, reminded me to be in awe of the subtle mysteries of life: Al-Latif.  When there is nothing to be made sense of, the best thing one can do is add wonder and awe into the situation.

I’m not able to express or put in words the state that I’ve been in this past week. But i’ll try.  Part of it is an even further opening of my heart.  the other is being in awe of the gifts and duties I’ve been given in this particular moment.  another is knowing, so surely, and so deeply that there is no rush to get anywhere and that in fact where I am now is so poetic: deep, ironic, and in perfect rhythm and rhyme.

so today I ask you, and you, what is the rush to being more than what you are right now, in this moment that you read what I’ve written on a Friday morning, on my red couch, on a 2009 Macbook Pro, in yoga clothes, with glasses & electric blue nailpolish on, listening to the birds that come and go in the garden outside.

we have all the time in the world. just rest and relax in that knowing.  time that is not limited to the human form, or human desires. but time that is carved by the soul’s journey. step by step, moment to moment.



“Death is not the opposite of life.  Life has no opposite.  The opposite of death is birth.  Life is eternal.” – Eckhart Tolle


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