Karachi Yogini

Yoga for Life!

s.p.r.i.n.g March 22, 2012

it’s been a challenge to blog for the last two months. a part of me wants to share and another doesn’t.  and whenever there is a split, its time to notice and wonder, what’s going on?

spring.  the third week of march has been etched into my museum of memories.  3 years a go it was the beginning of a separation, which led to breaking, then moving, and finally coming somewhere where the past did not define everything.  then

and then. life never stops.  its just something one has to accept. accepting the first noble truth – that life is full of suffering – does not make life and living any less worthwhile or beautiful moment to moment.

I’m having a rough time tying sentences together.  my mother has been in treatment.  my family has been experiencing a reality that none of us ever thought was possible.  a future of health, responsible actions, and yes most likely relapse and then recovery.  but at least this new hope. this new feeling of having a mother, who not just looks like an adult but is capable of being one, is letting me grow into being the adult that I am.

the days leading up to spring, a strong intention moved into my heart. 365 days. I want to know what it would be like to do yoga every.day – no days off.  no days off because its not work. its my doorway to singing a new tune and knowing that the song was inside of me all along.

ps – i am still writing, but lots more poetry. welcome to it: yogini786.tumblr.com