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In-San (Hu-man) July 14, 2012

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Last night, Sheikh Harun spoke of many things re: truth & reality.  But one particular moment stood out for me.

In Arabic and Urdu the word Insan means human.  And in Arabic Insan translates into – the one who forgets.

I confirmed with Sheikh Harun, so then, it is in our nature to forget. And he said yes, it is.

This week I was in a cloud of forgetfulness.  Anxiety, lethargy, and the little story of my life was consuming my thoughts.  It is in my nature to forget until a simple moment of grace arrives and I find myself unquestioningly in the moment as it is.

After my late morning yoga practice (lethargy is still here as the clouds darken our skies but do not release) I opened the Sufi Book of Life for my message of the day.  All throughout my practice I had been going over this – the one who forgets, and so serendipitously I arrived on p 264, quality #97 Al Warith, “Reclaiming a Forgotten Inheritance”.

“…It’s as though we have simply forgotten where we came from and the inheritance we brought with us.”

The Sufis use the image of the Divine Beloved to help balance our need “for the rational, which ultimately asks us to weigh every action in the context of its benefits to us. As Rumi says,

Reason is all fine and good

until it shows you the door of the Beloved.

At that point divorce reason,

which will steal from you like a bandit.

“Finding what we already possess may seem like a strange goal for a spiritual path.  Yet the process of finding may provide us more joy than if the universe delivered all its secrets to us without any effort on our part.”

One day Mullah Nasruddin ran into the market, shouting, “I’ve lost my favorite donkey! Can someone find my donkey? To whoever finds it, I’ll give the donkey itself, the blanket, the saddle and the harness.”

“Mullah, what are you saying?” asked a friend. “You’re going to give away what you’re looking for. What’s the sense in that?”

“The sense is,” said Mullah, “I get the joy of finding something I’ve lost.”

“Perhaps life is calling your right now to take a breath and let go of any rigidities that prevent you from receiving your natural inheritance of strength from the cosmos. You cannot possess it exclusively, but it is still yours.  The only thing that can keep us from receiving this strength is our own sense of isolation and self-absorption.”

“Ripe are those who soften what is overly rigid within; by softening they shall receive their natural inheritance of strength and healing from the cosmos.” – Jesus Christ.

With thanks to all those who open my heart to the Real.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Aisha, what a treat it is to read your blog.. !!

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