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tears & kindness August 18, 2012

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Sometime towards the end of this evening, while listening to the closing verses of the Quran, my mind took me to navigate a selection of hidden memories within.

Like sharp thorns I saw flashes– a filmstrip, breaking itself into my stream of attention.  And I remembered the face of one who showed me kindness in a time of great grief and loss.  Then I remembered another.  and another.

the list that opened my heart, led to a simple tear escaping my eyes.

i prayed that i would always remember the million kindnesses that helped me survive, and continue to help me move.  the kindness that I have been bestowed by the only One who can, multiplied through the incredible life that I have come into contact with.

Where previously I would have choked back my tears, or resisted the familiar deep pain in my jaw,  this time, I surrendered to this amazing feeling of being alive, of being so human, so vulnerable, and so lost only so that I could remember again, again and again.  I am home already. And my home is built on kindness, it has windows of light, and rooms to protect us.  It has joy in the smiles of those who live in it, and it has the deepest blessing of the Divine: to understand the Truth for what it is and to be ever grateful for it.






2 Responses to “tears & kindness”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Mashallah!! this is definitely the fruits of the connection we make with God during Ramadan 🙂

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