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The Divine Net October 28, 2012

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I float in between the boundaries of shock and realization.

I am on a path gifted through the breaking only true suffering can engender.  And on this path there has been a consistency of pain.  The more I open, expand, the more my life continues to fall beneath my feet.  nothing is solid, nothing is real.

“Transformation is painful. A Master has to work with a hammer in his hand.”

May god have mercy on the many people today, including my family, who have been deeply affected by the loss of a place built on hard work, heart & soul.  May the fire that burns through the walls of an impermanent structure, clear and purify the space, so our hearts can even more deeply embrace the awe of our Master. and continually allow us to submit our powerlessness to His will.

“For those who are afflicted with disaster, glad tidings await them: so remain patient and happy with your Lord. ‘He cannot be questioned as to what He does, while they will be questioned.” (Quran, 21:23).


why… October 9, 2012

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that word seems to have a certain negative quality to it now.  and yet it returns again and again.  others ask me, but why?  I ask myself, why? and when most lost, I look to the Divine, and I ask it, why?

And the answers are never clear-cut.  and yet they are.  It is a complete and utter paradox.  But when prompted to put the answer into words, into human form, I am at a loss only anchored with one truth:

“it feels right” (translates to I have surrendered).

no more pretense of being nicer than I am, happier than I am.  I have been completely and entirely undone again and again so many times that there is no safety in pretending that somehow I am in control of the events that unfold which loosely connect to what I call “my life”.

But there is something I am more aware of increasingly, that in each moment, my choice is to either be with me as I am, or to cling/desire/avert/escape the moment.  and even this choice is actually choice-less when it is done through truth.

I haven’t been able to write for a while.  The block is deep, because the change is vast, and the expression seems stunted, almost comically absurd even now as I start to recollect why?

But, yes, the answers have been coming as beautiful strong feelings of clarity and trust.  I know not to trust my desire to know why, but I also know now not to take it so seriously.  to lighten up a bit, breathe some space into the thickness of my emotions, and embrace starting from where I am (Pema Chodron thank you).

and now i’m seeing that perhaps the best answer to all these why’s is why not?