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Life of Abundance January 17, 2013

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Twenty 13 has brought with it an incredibly force of energy.  A lot more is visible, things are becoming clearer and most remarkably there is an abundance of love and gratitude.

The turn of this consciousness, this shift we were all supposed to receive has seemed to materialize in the strangest and oddest of configurations in a city as magnanimous as Karachi.

I have felt stuck for the past few weeks trying to put my feelings into words, and I still feel some of that hesitation now as I write.  But there is something distinctly moving and turning, before what felt below the surface seems to be rising.

I have deeply experienced some truths about Reality.  And I don’t feel alone in this process.  In fact I see it unfold around me in a way that I never dreamed possible.  Then I wonder, is it just me that was stopping all this abundance from flowing into my life?

there are no simple answers or truths outside of deep paradox.  the mind and heart not one yet not separate.  In the process of unliving my life i have come to find that wisdom never seemed to be so far away from right here right now.  And when I am fortunate enough to breathe in the now, then the world becomes a magical dance of shadow and light.  The images break into small poems all around me, and the earth and its life are breath-takingly awesome.

Suddenly I thought, thank god the phones are still on.  Here–the reality that most of us live in– enters back into my consciousness.  What is Karachi but perhaps the most insane place for one to exist?  And there are millions and millions of us who experience it in such different ways that it is no wonder so much art comes into people’s hearts.

we are living the story of the epic wound, the battle between good and evil, the betrayal and the anger, the shock and the misery, disappointment of what we see every day and yet somehow so many of us continue to smile.  show our cheeks and our hearts to people in intimate moments and love an innocent being with such grace and beauty.

I have never known a community like the one I have come to love in Karachi.  It is so incredibly diverse and generously filled with life.  There are no corners that don’t bring attention to this great paradox we call our home.  So as always with lots of  big beautiful love to all of you, a very happy new year awaits right now.

Listen to this story:

When the soul left the body
it was stopped by God at heaven’s gate:
Alas! You have returned just as you left.
Life is a blessing of opportunity
where are the bumps and scratches
left by the journey?