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rainy day in karachi February 4, 2013

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i woke up to the song of my heart.

i felt my feet, hurting from dancing too much.  but i wasn’t done yet.

i put on the music. i moved my feet, my arms, my whole body alive balleting around my bathroom. and it was a cloudy morning.  i swept myself and felt the raindrops touch my hair, saw them glisten on my yoga mat, and the bright green of the garden shook through the palm leaves.

the day unraveled seamlessly, a phenomenon I had forgotten.  one moment didn’t seem out of sync, the steps moving in time, and arrived to watch a cloudy sunset, a hot cup of tea and soup, steaming in front of the Arabian sea.

the cold earth under my feet as I understood that once again:

things fall apart and come back together again.


2 Responses to “rainy day in karachi”

  1. milan Says:

    Hi I found your blog via the Yoga Alliance website.
    I was wondering if you knew where I could undergo teacher training in Pakistan.
    Thank you.

    • yogini786 Says:

      Hi Milan, there are some places but none that are Yoga Alliance approved. I hope to start a mini training some time this year, but I will need a little more time before I can start one that is YA approved based on their requirements for the teacher. Please contact me if you have any more questions on aishayoga4life@gmail.com. Thanks!

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