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true.love March 17, 2013

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i know a lot less, and I have lost a lot in this past year.

I have been losing it seems for a long time.


and yet everyday I’ve been able to show up to be with myself.  and yet everyday Divine energy has touched me, soothed me, understood me and filled my being with an unconditional acceptance of what is.


that has to be the greatest gift of being there for myself as I am.

and one year a go i made the intention to show up, using a yoga book  (meditations off the mat) as my guide through these 365 days, along with the sufi book of life. the roller coaster surreal movie like life I have.  so many rushes, so many slows, so many days lost in a haze and yet not so much anymore.

the season is changing again. my separation continues to dissolve with the natural rhythm of life.  and as spring comes, the heat brings with it the shedding of the winter skin.  the body, mind and soul constantly in flow, in conversation with everything.