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this, in-between. April 1, 2013

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the wave builds.


the darkness sounds through the music.  again and again the cycle of my endless inner dialogue.  sometimes its 28 days, other times its 24 seconds.  finding and seeking the spaces


in between.


the days, the nights, i awake at the break of light and the setting of the blue sky. into a midnight blue where I find myself, alone, again.



again the rush of those thorn filled thoughts, the blood to the face, the wetness in the eyes, as the sounds of music speak within me.


and i want to dance, run away and break free.  and yet I know I am bound.  the views bleak and boundless, broken and whole, the fragments dissolve, then reappear


when the focus is sharp. the mood is tormented.


the wave builds, waiting for the surf to break.