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“poetry is not a luxury” – Audre Lorde January 19, 2011

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Oh Lorde, is it true what you say? That there are no new ideas but just new ways to feel them? That poetry is not a luxury?

I feel all the time

The idea to break free

From the traps around me

I watch myself

Give in

Take in

Stumble to find a compromise

Of what my truth is

To be able to feel

Uninhibitedly free

From my thoughts

From my fears

Of what it means to be a woman in my life

Can you help me feel

My poetry?

I dream of mountains and solitude

Of children and loving friends

of no chains on my feet

or ropes on my wrists

of no reins in my hands

holding another in

I dream of the impossible

I know

It is not here where I choose to be

It is only in my heart that I can feel

Free like

The space around the words of a poem



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